Jason Bush of Shish and Grand Central is every chef’s dream employee

One of the most enduring myths about the food industry is that it is always a creative endeavor. I mean, we know it’s hard work too, but the creativity is what keeps us captivated. How do they do it? All the improbable combinations of flavor, technique, color, fragrance, concept?

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Sexiest egg dishes in the Twin Cities right now

Nature’s sauce, and perhaps the most important thing a young chef can master (next to the chicken), is the egg.

Unless it’s Easter and your hands are stained with pastel PAAS, there’s no greater culinary disappointment than a cooked-through egg yolk. So here, we salute the chefs and the line cooks and the brunch guys and gals who can coddle, poach, soft boil, sunny-side up, sous vide, and generally soft touch these little babies onto the plate, intact, gloriously sunny, happily jiggly, runny and lavish as the liquid gold they are.

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City Pages – Best of the Twin Cities

“Best Restaurant”

(St. Paul)
“Best Takeout”

7 Deadly Sins – April, 2009

“Best Middle Eastern Restaurant”

“The Great Escape” – April, 2007


MplsStPaul Magazine – Best Restaurants

“Top 5 Metro-area Middle Eastern Restaurants”

March 2007

March 2009

Shish Mediterranean Grill: A gem on Grand Ave, St Paul

I was reading comments online in response to my post that I was looking for Mediterranean food in St Paul. I guess most people were as ignorant as I was since they were ticking off well-known names everwhere but St. Paul.

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Breakfast at Shish Cafe in St. Paul

At Shish Cafe, a small but charming hideout tucked next to the Italian Pie Shoppe near St. Paul’s Macalester College, you can get a hearty, flavorful, and bargain breakfast that will make you a convert to Middle Eastern breakfasts — heavy on the veggies, eggs, and spices — forever.

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Eating Out in Saint Paul, Minnesota: Top 10 Local Restaurants

Minnesota’s state capital Saint Paul is a bustling, cultural Midwestern hotspot with a vibrant dining scene to match. From classic French and American cuisine to award-winning Middle Eastern and Mediterranean fare and a taste of Russia, Saint Paul certainly offers something to suit any palate.

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